Virginia Beach to spend millions improving existing sports facilities

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — $6 million is on its way to some Virginia Beach sports facilities after several city council members agreed the buildings need an upgrade.

On Tuesday, city leaders listened to a survey conducted by Victus Advisors which laid out a plan to either improve existing resources or lay out new sports ventures. The new ventures could have included a new ice rink or action sports facility.

However, city council members said there is a need to upkeep what Virginia Beach already has.

“It’s challenging for me to think about building a whole new center when we are not taking care to the greatest extent possible of what we already have,” said council member Michael Berlucchi.

Instead, the money could be invested in facilities such as the Princess Anne Athletic Complex, Hampton Roads Sports Complex, and the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. 

In February, city council leaders listed to an audit that showed the newly-created Virginia Beach Sportsplex lost money for two years after taxpayers poured millions of dollars into the project. City council leaders hope a part of the $6 million could go to repairs already needed.

“I’ve been to the sports center, I’ve seen the cracks. There are some areas that will need repair,” said Berlucchi.

Several leaders brought up the idea of improving turf fields and outdoor lighting. It is also possible that city leaders could invest in new ventures if there is any money left after the needed upgrades.

The Director of Virginia Beach’s Convention and Visitors Bureau is in the process of creating a more detailed plan on where and how much of the six million dollars will be divided to improve these existing sports facilities. 

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