‘The most extreme sport in all of the Midwest’ is making roads more dangerous

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The “100 Deadliest Days” may be over, but emergency responders across the Midwest are warning drivers against letting their guard down.

They say another threat is literally growing all around us.  The Waco Volunteer Fire Department in York County shared a post about what’s been declared “The most extreme sport in all of the Midwest.”

That’s what the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana calls crossing county roads when the corn is high this time of the year.

It gets especially risky when people who aren’t used to these roads start traveling into rural areas for events like the AppleJack Festival, which is just 10 days away in Nebraska City.

In order to keep everyone safe experts say you should never assume the road is clear.  So slow down or even come to a complete stop if you can’t see around turns.

Also watch out for farm equipment on the road.  Be patient and make sure to give them extra room.

And last of all, always use your seatbelt.

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