Sports apparel store near Empower Field ready for new Broncos season but curious about future

Dino Reyes Jr. is excited about the new Broncos gear his store has in stock.

Reyes is a sales associate at Sportsfan on Federal just outside of Empower Field in Denver.

“Black on black letterman is really dope. This bomber right here is really fresh too,” he says, as he shows off their newest products.


He says when football season rolls around, they have to have all things blue and orange on hand and this year is no exception.

“Oh, yeah. We’re always ready,” he said.

They get a lot of their business on gamedays with people stopping by to pick up a last-minute hat or t-shirt before going into the stadium. He says it’s almost too many people to count. 

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“I would say throughout the day, from the morning to the afternoon, man, shucks,” Dino said.

That’s why he wonders what the future might hold for the stadium. The new Broncos’ ownership is petitioning fans to see what they want in a home field, whether that be continuing to improve Empower Field, like they did this year by adding a huge video board and other improved amenities — or moving to a new stadium, site unknown. 

Dino says no matter what, he thinks Sportsfan will always have a symbiotic relationship with the Broncos.

Dino Reyes Jr., a sales associate at Sportsfan near Empower Field, is excited for the upcoming Broncos’ season.


As for the store in Federal he says he thinks they do enough non-Broncos business to stay afloat. They have regulars from the surrounding neighborhoods that like to shop at Sportsfan and they don’t just sell Broncos stuff. They sell CU, Nuggets, Avalanche and even Raiders gear as well.

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“This particular store is such a staple in our community. It means so much,” said Dino. “Any time I share with folks that I work here, their eyes light up because they know that this has been here for so long.”

Sports apparel store near Empower Field ready for new Broncos season but curious about future

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