Kentucky’s sports fans are counting down the days as in-person sports betting begins

On Thursday September 7th in-person betting will begin followed by online wagering on the 28th.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Kentucky’s sports fans are getting closer to wagering their money. On Thursday, Sept. 7, in-person betting will begin, followed by online wagering on the 28th.

Many UK fans we spoke with at Saturday’s football game were excited that sports betting is finally legal in the state of Kentucky, and FOX 56’s political analyst Jonathan Miller says this is a win from a political standpoint for Gov. Andy Beshear.

The countdown to in-person sports betting is just days away, and with college football back in season, it has some UK fans itching to place their bets.

“I love sports betting. I love gambling. I enjoy spending money on stuff that I’m going to double it back so, it’s like I know Kentucky is going 12-0 this year, so why wouldn’t I bet money and make money off Kentucky football games,” Jeron Winchester said.

Devin Dirks said, “I’m tired of paying money to overseas places. I’m glad it’s finally in Kentucky. I can spend my money and help Kentuckians overall and help boost the economy.”

FOX 56’s political analyst Jonathan Miller says he thinks it’s going to be beneficial for the state.

“They’re talking about $23 million a year of tax revenues, and certainly it prevents or it discourages people from going out of state to make their sports bets and that money going to other states, Jonathan Miller said.

Even though Lexington is the world’s horse capital, some UK fans say it is not all about horse betting.

“I think it is a good thing for the state because it gets people to be involved as well. I think it’s just, you know, when you have horse betting here, but I think bringing something else will bring more revenue for the state of Kentucky,” Lauren Miller said.

Jonathan Miller says it serves as a political win for Gov. Beshear and a bit of a boost during the reelection.

“He was able to help deliver on a promise that he had been making for quite some time, but also a win for the Republican legislature, for going along with the plan and ensuring that Kentucky residents have an opportunity to parlay in the sports betting world,” said Jonathan Miller. “You know, he’s spending a lot of time about getting publicity for these actions, and when he takes that first bet, he’ll get some more publicity as well.”

For more information on where you can start making those in-person bets, click here.

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