Just like Coach Prime, Broncos QB Russell Wilson keeping receipts

Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson isn’t forgetting everyone who thinks he’s cooked.

After the worst season of his career in 2022, one in which Wilson received a lot of hate, there aren’t exactly a ton of believers entering 2023.

But the “leaner and meaner” version of Wilson, one in which he’s dropped 15 pounds, along with new head coach Sean Payton is giving Broncos Country some reasons for optimism.

Still, you have folks in the national media thinking Wilson will get benched this season, so he’s got to prove it on the field.

And about all the haters? Well, much like Coach Prime up in Boulder, Wilson said on Wednesday he’s keeping receipts on those who doubt him.

Honestly, it’s nice to see Wilson say these things. It’d be impossible for him not to hear all the noise, so better he use it as fuel then pretend like it doesn’t exist.

Plus, receipts have worked so far at CU. The Buffs stunned the world by beating TCU 45-42 in their opener, and Deion Sanders made it known right after the game he remembers who said what.

We’ll see if it works for Wilson this year, with the journey to use those receipts starting on Sunday against the Raiders.


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