Cornes stunned by “ugly” West Coast best and fairest results

Kane Cornes was stunned after learning the results of West Coast’s 2023 best and fairest count.

Midfielder Tim Kelly took home the John Worsfold Medal in comfortable fashion after his strong season, 37 votes ahead of All-Australian squad member Oscar Allen.

While that duo was deserving of finishing top two, Cornes was shocked by the lack of quality in the rest of the leaderboard.

Liam Duggan finished third, while the rest of the top 10 was made up of Jayden Hunt, Shannon Hurn, Bailey Williams, Andrew Gaff, Alex Witherden, Tom Barrass and Noah Long.

Cornes branded that leaderboard as “ugly a best and fairest result as you’re going to see” as he singled out some players he feels should be nowhere near the top of an AFL club’s list.

“I had a look at West’s Coast best and fairest, which happened over the weekend,” Cornes said on SEN Breakfast.

“It is alarming. Here are some of the results in this and you can deep dive it any way that you like.

“Tim Kelly won it, and he was deserving to win, he had a terrific season, well done to Tim.

“Oscar Allen was the other standout for what he did, he was in the All-Australian squad and kicked 53 goals in that side.

“After that, it is about as ugly a best and fairest result as you’re going to see.

“I’ll give you an example of that. Shannon Hurn finished fifth – he’s now retired, he played 13 games. That must be the softest top-five finish to a best and fairest ever.

“Andrew Gaff – who probably shouldn’t be playing AFL football at all with all due respect, despite the fact he’s been an excellent player – but the time is up for Andrew, he finished seventh in their best and fairest.

“Alex Witherden probably wouldn’t be on a list of most clubs, once again with all due respect, he finished eighth and their best and fairest.”

Cornes believes those results highlight the ultimate issue at West Coast, the playing list.

While plenty of conjecture surrounded their decision to push on with Adam Simpson as coach, Cornes feels it’s their playing squad that’s the main issue.

“Look, they’ve gone with their coach again and rightly or wrongly, you can have your debate on that,” Cornes said.

“But the alarming trend is their playing list and what they don’t have because the young ones coming in aren’t going to help.

“It’s the senior players in this top 10 of the best and fairest.

“It’s going to drive the improvement for this group.

“So perhaps it’s even worse than we think at the Eagles.”

John Worsfold Medal Top 10

1 – Tim Kelly – 200 votes
2 – Oscar Allen – 163
3 – Liam Duggan – 158
4 – Jayden Hunt – 116
5 – Shannon Hurn – 102
6 – Bailey Williams – 101
7 – Andrew Gaff – 85
8 – Alex Witherden – 84
T9 – Tom Barrass – 79
T9 – Noah Long – 79

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